Living in northwest Colorado, I'm surrounded by rugged beauty - from high mountain deserts that are home to a variety of wildlife including the iconic wild horses - to beautiful mountain vistas with free flowing rivers. My photos reflect my love and passion for the outdoors.

Most Wild Horse photos were taken in the Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area in northwest Colorado. To read about the Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin or Sand Wash Basin Facebook Page - click on the names to view the pages. Come join us on Facebook, we post photos and information daily. 

2020 Calendars are available at the following link

Additonal Facebook page for my non-horse photography. 
Creations by Nadja

Instagram for the Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin.

Personal Instagram for Nadja Rider.

I also have a few specialty items (such as totes, books, calendars, etc.) as well as a few prints in stock. You can visit my Etsy page at Creations by Nadja.

My adventure into photography started many years ago as a teenager. I experimented with a variety of large film formats - even building my own pinhole camera, then developing and printing the film in the darkroom I had put together. For 25+ years I relied on my film Canon SLR, then played with a variety of digital cameras. Currently my primary cameras are Sony and Olympus mirrorless. 

THANK YOU so much for visiting and your SUPPORT! 

A Few Favorite Photos

Black Bear Peeking Around Aspen Tree

Black Bear Peeking Around Aspen Tree

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